Antarctic to Arctic Adventure

From 66’30S to 66’30N

48 hours for wheels up for our next adventure. Packing is in full swing! Our adventure to the Antarctic in January of 2022 taught us quite a bit about being flexible and a focus on packing lightly.

We’ve decided to utilize a hiking backpack for each of us as our carry on and then an Osprey Farpoint/Fairview for each of us. The Osprey is an awesome bag as it has a zip off day pack that we will use during the trip.

Why a hiking backpack for a carry on? We’ve found that using a hiking backpack as our carry on is easy to navigate through the airport. We each have a Rumpl puffy blanket and backpacking pillow for travel and a hiking backpack let’s us stuff this blanket in the sleeping bag compartment of the backpack.

Our first stop once we land is Blue Lagoon, this carry on has swimsuit, wet bag for after the lagoon.

Love our Osprey Fairview and Farpoint bags for our checked luggage. We will unzip the front backpack and use that for our day trips.

Backpacks in Iceland!

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