Niko Harbor

28 January 2022 Morning

64 degrees 50 minutes 96 seconds South 62 degrees 33 minutes 40 seconds

Gentoo Penguin returning rejected rock back to the beach

We had our third and final continental landing this morning at Neko Harbor on the Antarctic Peninsula. This landing site had a very busy colony of Gentoo Penguins as well as beautiful ice and snow!

Gentoo Penguins build their nests out of rocks. It is the male penguin’s job to collect rocks from the beach, traverse the penguin highways to the colony and rookery and present its mate with the rock. If the mate rejects the rock, he must take the rock back down the highway to the beach and select another rock to present for building their nest.

We enjoyed spending our time sitting next to the penguin highways. We have lots of videos that we will upload later.

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