Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

We arrived a few minutes before 10am in the morning in Icelands. After picking up our luggage and rental car we were off to explore. We decided on a relaxing day at Blue Lagoon was just right to keep us awake and adjusting to the new timezone. Eagle-eyed Mac spied Blue Lagoon from the air as we were landing in Keflavik..

Our reservation included bathrobes for the day and lunch reservations at Lava Restaurant for lunch. During lunch the restaurant is open for bath robe dinning.

We also learned to near Blue Lagoon were four earthquakes on Saturday and on Wednesday the volcano began erupting with lava flows.

Chuck had the Catch of the day. After he ate it we asked what fish it was…Arctic Wolffish…we decided it looked better plated that the actual fish!

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