Penguin Colony – Brown Bluff

63 degrees 30.80 minutes South, 56 degrees 52.47 minutes West

25 January 2022

At first this was going to be a post about our Antarctic Continental Landing at Brown Bluff. Then as we were going through our pictures we thought it would be best to share our wildlife photos and our landscape photos in two different posts.

We have five cameras between us. Joe is using his Canon Rebel T3i with a Sigma 150 to 600mm zoom lens. Katie is using her Nikon D5500 with a 12 to 24 mm wide angle lens. Mac is using a Olympus point and shoot waterproof camera. Joe and Katie are also using their iPhones for pictures and video.

We were in the early zodiac group this morning disembarking the ship at 7:30am for the short zodiac ride to the landing beach. We spent an hour on the continent watching the penguin colonies before returning to the ship. We are rapidly learning what layers are needed on our landings. There were two species of penguins here, gentoo and adelie.

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