Packing, Packing and Repacking

January 9, 2022

Author: Joe

I was essentially packed for the first cruise which was cancelled. Now that this is an expedition ship the thought process of what to bring and how to fit it all is completely different.

We’ve ended up unpacking and repacking everything and having to go shopping again to buy the things that we need to be on the continent rather than just on a cruise ship. 

We met today with some friends that were on this same expedition a number of years ago to find out some specifics of packing and activities.  As a result, we were able to alter what we are bringing to be more casual than formal and warmer. 

While the packing list provided by Ponant was a good guide there is no substitute for firsthand experience.  We went home and began modifying our packing, bringing each suitcase down to 44 lbs and removing bulky snow clothing for lighter waterproof pants and multiple warm layers. 

We are still waiting for some final items to arrive by mail, but we are 90-percent packed.  Now comes the hard part, weight!  What can go and what must come to keep us within our weight limit of the airlines while keeping us warm and cool. 

You see we are packing for two separate environments, a week in Buenos Aires and 10 days in Antarctica with the temperature difference of 62-degrees from a high of 90 in Buenos Aries to a low of 28 in Antarctica

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