Uh Oh! Time to adjust the plan

Cruise Mapper screen capture of NCL Star Movement

Grasping at Hope

The past 24 hours have been a rollercoaster! At about 2pm on Tuesday, December 4th the Norwegian Star made a sudden turn to the north rather than continuing south to Buenos Aires. It then entered into limbo as the location data changed from Buenos Aires to Waiting for Orders to Miami at around 8pm last night. At this point we were fairy confident the cruise would be cancelled. This morning the NCL website updated and confirmed our cruise was officially cancelled.


I’ve not mentioned the impact of grief on this trip. Three g travels has only one first generation listed as Wife, Mom and Grandma Trish died on April 4, 2021. Our hope on the horizon, retraining Katie’s brain through positive exposure therapy, building family connections and our something to look forward to was lost. Anniversary’s are hard and losing our hope and light on the 9 month anniversary of Trish’s death was really hard on all of us.

New Hope

We switched gears and found that the smaller expedition ships are still sailing Argentina to Antarctica. The border for foreign travelers to Argentina has not been closed. We started searching out other cruise options, last night we made a plan, identified a cruise line that still had availability. Then we waited…NCL had to cancel our cruise in order for us to get our funds back in the manner we paid for the cruise. If we went head and cancelled ourselves although allowable the funds would be tied up in NCL for use on other cruises with them.


This is now the 4th vacation we have had cancelled since March 2020.

August 2020 – Graduation Blended Family Cruise

April 2021 – Spring Break Cruise

August 2021 – Rescheduled Graduation Family Cruise

January 2022 – Joe’s Bucket List Cruise to Antarctica

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