Penthouse with Balcony

Cabin Diagram from

Cabin choice is a huge decision for any cruise. We are lucky to have cruised on the Star and her sister ship Dawn in the past. When our family size was 5 or 6 people in a single cabin we really liked the Deluxe Owners Suite or the Family Suites on Deck 12. This cruise with 4 and then only 3 of us traveling we opted to remain on Deck 12. This time choosing the penthouse with balcony. There are only 4 suites with balcony’s on Deck 12 on the Star. Looking forward to the open floor plan, lots of light, a balcony and lots of storage!

This video from YouTube gives a quick tour of the cabin

It is in our opinion the Deck 12 forward rooms are perfectly located, walk down the hall and out the door to the pool deck and buffet or up the stairs and walk the jogging trail to our specialty restaurant for breakfast or lunch.

This type of room is classified as a suite which also includes extra perks such as a butler that delivers snacks in the afternoons, meals if we request them to the room from anywhere on the ship, as well as a restock on milk or apple juice in the cabin mini-fridge each evening. In addition, there is a concierge onboard to assist with our dinner reservations as well as seating at shows.

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