Check-In Day!

Image from NCL email on 12/26/2021

21 days before sailing the final Check-In process is available for travelers to complete. In addition to the items listed above we also needed to register with NCL’s testing partner.

From NCL registration website

Each traveler has to have their own login and password on the eurofins site as well as download the eurofins app to our phones. This is how we will receive our pre-boarding COVID-19 results.

Joe’s check-in went smoothly and he quickly had a check mark that his check-in was complete. Katie and Mac’s check-ins were completed but no check mark for being complete populated on their tabs. Turns out Katie and Mac overlooked the clock icon below.

Although when initially starting the check-in process a month ago Katie and Mac’s contact information was verified, that verification had timed our and needed to needed to be reverified. The green check mark then appeared and online check-in is 100% complete for all three of us.

In the next 24-48 hours we should receive our cruise e-docs and our luggage tags!!!

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