She’s on the move!

The Norwegian Star has been in cold lay-up awaiting its turn to return to service. Our January 16, 2022 cruise is the first passenger cruise since March of 2020 onboard the Star. Each day since we made final payment Katie has been tracking the location of the ship. She onboarded crew and quarentined in Bar, Montenegro back in October/November. Since that time she has been in port in Naples, Italy. At about 1pm ET, 7pm in Italy on Christmas Eve she sailed away from the port and is en-route to Barcelona, Spain before her transatlantic journey to Buenos Aires!

This is finally feeling real that the pieces are coming together. The most important piece for our cruise is that there actually be a cruise ship and she is now moving with three weeks before we board!

Status Update from Prior Post: Chile Mobility Pass

Katie received her approval this morning for her Chile Mobility Pass ID and Vaccination Verification. Joe and Mac will no longer be leaving her aboard the ship and exploring on their own.

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